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Up in the gods - A Lighting Perspective

In this blog we take a look behind the scenes of our latest production, 'Snake in the Grass' (Ayckbourn) and concentrate on the more technical aspects of the role of lighting designer/operator, following in the 'foot lights' of the Highbury's newest lighting designer Marion Chittenden, who is being guided by lighting engineer Andy Wilkes.

Beyond the Proscenium Arch, the stage expands into a magnificent display of set designing artistry but when the lighting designer breathes life into it, that's when the magic happens. The stage itself becomes an ever-changing character, complete with light, shade and soul. The crew have been working busily on stage, behind stage (and even under the stage!) and during the run all eyes will be facing front, watching intently as the plot unfolds and daytime turns to night. Yet at the back of the main auditorium, 'up in the gods' between the two boxes, sits an almost invisible black box where the light and sound team comma…

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