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How would we manage without them?

As our current production of All My Sons progresses into it's first week, we managed to pin down one of the busiest people on the crew. As Stage Manager it's a tricky business finding that fine balance of steering the ship during production. Many hours are spent weeks in advance getting to know the script,the Director, the cast as well as liaising with other departments before and during the show: lighting, sound, front of house, casting calls, ensuring cast and crew are safe and looked after, general health and safety, you name it and the S.M. will be in the know! Here is the interview with Stage Manager Rebecca Short. Becky at the S.M. desk Hi, I’m Rebecca Short. I do a lot of stage management at Highbury. I joined here when my little boy was two. He’s eight now so I’ve been here for nearly six years. I first got into Stage management at The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham. I wasn’t doing a lot of theatre stuff at the time and decided to join there. I wasn’t su

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