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Northanger Abbey - from Fantasy to Reality

A few weeks ago, we had a chat with the cast members of Northanger Abbey to find out more on Jane Austen's sparkling satire of the gothic horror novel and to ask what drew them to this wonderful period drama play adapted by Tim Luscombe . 📸 Photography by Alastair Barnsley . So, what is Northanger Abbey all about? Jake: Essentially, it’s about a young girl (Catherine Morland) who’s lived with her head in books all her life and hasn’t interacted with the wider society. It’s her first time coming to Bath, to this setting, and she makes a few slip-ups along the way. She’s naïve. She gets involved with the wrong people, and allows herself to be manipulated thinking that everyone’s got pure intentions. Even though she soon finds out they don’t. But along the way she comes to find comfort outside of her books as well as inside, and later realises that life isn’t like a book. Amy: It’s a journey of going from fantasy to reality. So, the play starts from a fantasy setting and then you go

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