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Grand 'set' designs

What does the Director of a play do on the outset of a production when they have but a few vague ideas for the all important set design, but are not quite sure how the vision can materialise...? They call Malcolm Robertshaw and Richard Peskett of course!

Highbury's dynamic duo have been working together for quite a few years now, designing and constructing anything and everything, including, of late, a revolving set! They're both rather down-to-earth chaps and are proud to work alongside a fantastic workshop crew of dedicated carpenters, painters, decorators and construction workers. This may be a voluntary role but the professionalism and commitment rivals that of any 'paid' job in the Industry!

As the final show of the season drew to a close, we managed to catch them both briefly for an interview on one very busy Sunday morning in July, following the striking of the set for 'Snake in the Grass'.

Please introduce yourselves:

Malcolm - My name is Malcolm Roberts…

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