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The Highbury Players have been entertaining Birmingham audiences since 1925, and here we are 92 years later! The 2017/18 season marks 76 years since this hidden gem of a theatre was built entirely from the ground up by our original very enthusiastic members way back in 1942.
Decades may have passed but we still have the same enthusiasm, the same commitment and the same passion as our founders, and you too could become a part of this fantastic vibrant history. We've established quite a reputation as one of the city's favourite theatres. We strongly believe that theatre is for everyone, that's why we provide affordable tickets to see high-quality productions that you may never get a chance to see in the touring theatres in the city centre.

Highbury is your theatre, and we've been right on your doorstep for the last 76 years. We're going nowhere, so we'd be delighted if you'd join us. On this blog you'll find past stories, upcoming plays and all the behind the scenes fun from our cast, crew and management team. So take a seat and let the show commence!

(To find out more about Highbury Theatre Centre or to book tickets for our plays, please visit our website here: http://highburytheatre.co.uk/ahlt/HighburyLittleTheatre.html

There's always a friendly face at the Box Office

Coffee Mornings are a great place to find out who's who

Wardrobe and workshop members enjoying a well earned break

Set building and design in action

Some of our Front of House Team
Some of us prefer treading the boarders rather than the boards!


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