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So much effort goes into every production at Highbury. There are literally dozens of people who play their part in constructing and organising for months before the actors take to the stage on opening night. Always looking to provide new opportunities through the Theatre, Liz Parry, Director of our current show, Seymour Matthew's 'Dead Man's Hand', took the initiative and created a Hair and Make-Up department for this particular show and found two new willing volunteers! Usually actors do their own and each others make-up prior to a show, but with Dead Man's Hand set in the very stylised 1980's, it was just too good an opportunity to pass up!

The Make-Up Artists tools
Prior to the show our Social Media team liaised with Liz to organise a 1980's photoshoot to promote the show on line. She very graciously gave up an entire evenings rehearsal slot but it was more than worth it. It was a lot of fun and the ladies spent rather a lot of time 'in make-up'. It was a brilliant opportunity for the new hair/make-up team to get to know each other as well as the ladies they would be working with, although the gents were not as keen on the experience!

Emily White photographs the cast of Dead Man's Hand
For the finished look, head over to our Instagram and Facebook page.

A new Department for a new show

Jasmine Barnard is a freelance qualified make-up artist currently studying at University College Birmingham. She came across Highbury whilst out networking with various photographers and stumbled across Highbury's own production photographer Alastair Barnsley who was holding a portrait session in our studio for which she was the models own make-up artist.

Jasmine with an 80's Emma Woodcock

Jasmine - I've been involved with a few Theatre's before and I thought being involved with a full production would be a really good experience for me as an artist".

Interview with Jasmine Barnard

How did you find your way to Highbury?

I did some make up for the photography studio at Highbury and as they happen to have a Theatre I asked if they had make-up artists and I got involved that way.

What's the difference between the make-up for Theatre and what you would use on a photoshoot?

Theatre make up is a lot heavier because you have the lights that wash people out and also the products used can be different; so for theatre I would use things like grease paint because they last longer, they're much stronger. Photo shoots, you want things that are more natural so I use things like foundation and powders. It's a lot more natural because photography cameras, they see every little detail so it needs to be precise, as in theatre it needs to be really strong and bold so everybody can see it from the back of the room. 

Would you like Theatre to be your main route into make up or are you thinking of a broader career?

I'd like to keep a broad outlook. I would like to go into film and Television primarily. Obviously if I could do a trio of theatrical, film and T.V. make-up then that would be great...maybe in the West End and places like that. But I'd also like to keep doing photo shoots, bridal, special effects; a bit of everything really.

When did you first because interested in make-up?

Since I was about fourteen. I think I was choosing my options for GCSE and I wanted to do make up but they don't do that at High School so...I think they had production arts where you could do a little bit of it but you'd have to perform on stage and I thought I can't do that!  I did Art and then waited until I left and went on to college to do hair and make-up and made my way to Uni.

Tell us about your Uni Course.

I've been at Uni for two years and been doing make-up professionally for three. At the moment I'm doing prosthetics so we're making masks using silicone and things like that, I'm also doing period hair - 1950's hair and make-up, wigs, styling and digital imagery, so that's all about marketing.

How are you finding your time at Highbury?

It's really good! I haven't done theatre make-up for a couple of years so it's just been really nice being in that background again, just really nice being part of something that's every day because photo shoots are just one day.It's nice being part of a team that's permanent for a little bit. It's a nice atmosphere.

Jasmine is available for bookings and you can contact her via Instagram or Facebook

Jasmine applying Special Effects make-up on actor Mark Fletcher

Our second volunteer is no stranger to Highbury, but you would usually find her dressed in black, moving props and scenery around as part of our back stage crew on show night. A member of Highbury since 2017, Amy White is a fully qualified Chef and currently studying for a degree in Bakery and Patisserie - coincidentally at University College Birmingham! Before this opportunity Amy and Jasmine had never met!

Amy - "I was thinking about the different roles you can play in the Theatre and decided that as I do make-up as a hobby, I would love to be able to gain more skills as an artist in theatrical make up. I'm learning a lot from Jasmine and she's really lovely to work with".

Amy working with Valerie Tomlinson on her 80's look

Interview with Amy White  

What interests you most about theatrical make-up?

I love to see the transformation, especially in theatrical make-up because you get to help create the visual character for the actor. I feel like this can really help the actor get to know their character, get into character and helps them express the characters personality on stage. I think this also has an impact on the way the audience perceives the character. For example, it would be pointless for a pantomime dame to go stage on without make-up...for obvious reasons!

How did make up become your hobby?

Initially my interest was in fashion and at one time I considered studying fashion at college. I did go through a phase where I was practising a lot of face painting which eventually led to an interest in cosmetics. I wasn't very confident in my own skin, due to skin problems growing up and I used make-up as a form of therapy. For me make-up on a face is the same as paint to a canvas. Creating a new look with colour, shading, contours and sometimes even glitter can be very rewarding! There can never be enough glitter!

Tell us about your social media account?

In recent years with all the trends on Instagram and social media, I was introduced to the broader side of the make-up world. I enjoy the challenge of re-creating looks inspired by make-up artists. For example; I've re-created a look from last years fashion week (Dior) and also transformed people into well known characters like; Maleficent, the Goblin king from Labrynth and Zelina the witch from ACB's 'Once Upon A Time'. Anyone can enjoy make-up as a hobby and you never know where it will lead to.

How are you enjoying the show run so far?

 Firstly I love the genre this show comes under. Murder/mysteries are my all time favourite! It's great to be part of the team and to be able to make a contribution to the show. I love 80's make up and am learning a lot about special effects from Jasmine! 

You can find Amy's make up account here on Instagram She also makes her Highbury debut as Lydia Lubey in All My Sons this June (2019).

The girls making up an understated 1980's  look for Val Goode!
Dead Man's Hand opened Tuesday 30th April and runs until Saturday 11th May. Tickets are available on-line or via our Box Office 0121 373 2761.
Box office open Monday evenings - 7.30pm - 9pm & Wednesday mornings - 10.30-12 noon.

The hair-Make-up team - Amy and Jasmine


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